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ACE features new FireFall design. The launcher falls only when youfire, not when you let it down.

Offers 100% Fulltime Arrow Containment.

The first dual brake system that absolutely ensures there is no launcher bounceback!

Features a ully external cord. This competely eliminates any cord wear issues and poistions the cord well to the side of the arrow, eliminating any possible interference.

The ThumbCock allows you load your arrow and cock the rest wtih just one hand.

Ace Launcher supports the arrow in its first few inches of forward travel, fully supporting the arrow during tis critical times before falling away.

Ace give you the perfecgt comination of great clearance, containment, quick and easy arrow loading and maximum adjustability.

The left/right and up/down micro-adjusment allows you to totally dial in your rest for the ultimate in bow shooting performance!